Jewellery Sites and Other Resources


If you are looking for other resources that might help you with your search for the perfect bangle collection or the right choice for the perfect present for you, have a click through some of the resources below. If you think that there is a site that would be helpful for other online visitors, please let us know, just suggest it through the online contact form and we'll have a look at it!


UK Based Jewellery Resources.

The British Jewellers' Association - With over 1000 members, the BJA exists to protect its members, to protect UK consumers of jewellery and to promote UK designers. Well worth a look and a search if you are trying to find an online suppliers.

Wikipedia on Jewellery - The origins and history of jewellery on Wikipedia, from the materials and methods used to the different types of gemstones, if you are researching any aspects of jewellery or bangles, this is probably the best place to start.

Wikipedia on Hallmarks - One of the most common questions that we get asked relates to hallmarks. Here is the Wikipedia page for Hallmarks in the UK with more information on what they mean and specifically, what is the sterling silver hallmark that can be found on the Guilty sterlin silver range.


North Devon Resources.

North Devon in the UK - If you are looking for another company in North Devon, this is by far and away the best resource. A range of pages that cover virtually every decent business in north Devon from retailers to things to do on holiday here, have a look if you want to see a North Devon resource.