How much does a silver bangle cost?

The cost of a 925 sterling silver bangle depends on many factors which include:

The current market price of silver.

The weight of the silver bangle.

Whether the bangle has been custom made.

The average price range of a sterling silver bangle in the UK taking into consideration the above factors is between £30-£300. The average cost of a 925 sterling silver bangle is £150.


What do silver bangles represent?

Silver bangles represent different things to many women depending on religion, culture, beliefs or for personal/sentimental reasons. A lot of women wear silver as a protection against magic and to help fight negative emotions. It is also believed if you wear your bangle on your left wrist, this will bring you good luck, self healing and to absorb positive energy from your surroundings.


How do you measure bangle size?

We measure our silver bangles by measuring the internal diameter of the bangle. We find this approach the most accurate way of sizing our bangles, we have found that if our customers try measuring their own wrist or hand circumference with a tape measure and they don’t measure in the exact same place as other customers, this will not give you an accurate measurement. The best way to get an accurate measurement is if you own a bangle that fits you well, use a ruler a measure the bangles internal diameter. We simply place a ruler across the middle of the bangle and measure from one internal edge to the other.

  • An internal diameter of 57mm, is our extra small size.
  • An internal diameter of 60mm, is our small size.
  • An internal diameter of 63mm, is our regular size.
  • An internal diameter of 67mm, is our large size.
  • An internal diameter of 71mm, is our extra large size.


What is the average bangle size?

We have found the average size bangle is a bangle that measures 63mm in internal diameter. Each mm makes a big difference to bangle size, for example our regular size measures 63mm and our small size is 60mm. I wear a regular size bangle (63mm) but I cannot get a small size (60mm) over my hand, so it really does to show how much difference even 3mm can make.


What are the silver bangles for?

Silver bangles can be worn to enhance your beauty, to compliment your outfit so that you stand out from the crowd.  It is claimed silver bangles can be worn for health benefits and as a symbol of good luck.


In which hand should we wear bangles?

For practical and comfort reasons if you are right handed wear your bangle on your left hand and if you are left handed wear your bangle on your right hand. It is also believed if you wear your bangle on your left wrist, this will bring you good luck.


How do you wear oversized bangles?

If you have bangles that are too large for your wrists there are a couple of options you could try. You could stack multiple bangles on your wrist but make sure you wear either a smaller bangle that fits your at the end closest to your wrist, this is to stop the larger bangles slipping off. If you don’t have a smaller bangle to stop the larger bangles sliding off, you could pop a cuff bangle at the end, then you could gently squeeze the cuff to make it smaller and this would stop the larger bangles slipping off.


Can you wear just one bangle?

Silver bangles are beautiful, versatile jewellery pieces that can be worn as one stand out piece or many bangles can be worn together to create a stand out look. It is completely down to the individuals fashion taste as to whether they only want to wear one silver bangle or combine several silver bangles together to compliment your look.


What is the scientific reason for wearing bangles?

Silver has significant health benefits that have been used across different cultures for centuries. Silver has a proven track record as a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections and aiding in cold and flu prevention.  Silver bangles can be good for blood circulation as they cause constant friction on the wrist which then increases the blood circulation level. Many have reported improvements in energy levels and balance in moods after wearing silver, as its natural properties may offset outside electrical disturbances and overall body temperature balance and help maintain cleanliness and immunity.


How do you wear a cuff bangle?

The beauty of a Cuff Bangle is that it does not need to travel over the knuckles of the hand to the wrist, therefore meaning the majority of Cuffs fit most ladies wrists. To put a Cuff Bangle on, very gently (if necessary) stretch the two ends apart, just wide enough to fit over the smallest part of your wrist. Then turn your wrist sideways and slide on the Cuff Bangle until you have it in the correct position, which should be comfortable and looking beautiful.


Are bangles in fashion?

Silver bangles are still among the most popular type of jewellery accessory and they are a common, staple piece of jewellery in most ladies jewellery boxes. Bangles have been around for many centuries and will always be a fashion accessory on ladies wrists.


How Loose Should a bangle be?

A bangle needs to be large enough to travel over your knuckles and hand but quite snuggly. You don’t want your silver bangle to be too loose otherwise it will be uncomfortable and could easily slip off, meaning you could loose your silver bangle.

If you are wearing a bracelet, where the bracelet doesn’t need to travel over the hand, then the general rule of thumb is that you should be able to slip two fingers in between your wrist and the bracelet. The rule of two fingers doesn’t exist when wearing a silver bangle as a silver bangle is a solid complete circle/shape, therefore the bangle size you require is determined by your hand size and not your wrist size.


Can you wear bangles on both wrists?

Yes of course! Bangles can be worn on both wrists so you can create your own unique and stylish look. There are no strict rules when it comes to wearing silver bangles and they can be a beautiful addition your look.


What is the difference between bracelet and bangles?

Bracelets and bangles are both worn on your wrists but they are both very different pieces of jewellery. Bracelets tend to be more delicate, intricate and flexible. Bracelets are also usually made out of links or other connecting pieces which can bring flexibility to the sizing of the bracelet.

Bangles tend to have a more rigid shape and structure. Bangles are one complete shape and do not have a gap or opening which means it has to travel over your hand to get to your wrist.  


How many types of bangles are there?

There are several different types of bangle styles:

The classic bangle style is the bangle which is made out of metal, has a round or oval shape and is complete, there are no gaps or spaces. The classic bangle has to go over your hand to get to your wrist.

The Cuff bangle is a chucky bangle made out of metal that features an opening which you can gently manipulate to make the gap slightly wider or narrower. The Cuff bangle does not need to go over the hand it simply slides directly on to your wrist.

The Torque bangle is similar to the Cuff bangle,


What is a torque bangle?

A Torque Bangle is a bangle that has an opening/gap and can therefore be worn by simply placing the torque bangle on your wrist. The benefit of this style of bangle is that it goes directly on your wrist and does not need to go over your hand, therefore meaning you can opt for a smaller size bangle so that it sits more snuggly on your wrist.


Why do men wear torque bangles?

Torque bangles have been expertly made and worn by men and women for thousands of years. The torque was a status symbol, a sign of wealth and nobility, it represented a brave warrior. The Men’s Torque is by far the best choice of wristwear for a man. Men generally speaking, can have quite large hands and smaller wrists, which means they would require quite a large size bangle to go over their hand to their wrist, resulting in a very oversized bangle on the wrist. The Men’s Torque offers the perfect solution by having a gap/opening within the bangle which allows the torque to be placed directly on the wrist. This creates a much better Torque fit which not only looks better but is much more comfortable.