International Orders


Guilty Bangles has shipped bangles all over the world and is happy to serve customers outside of the United Kingdom. We would like our international customers to be aware of the process when shipping to the European Union, including the Republic of Ireland and worldwide.


Import Duties:

The customer placing the order is liable for the import duties at their end, this usually equates to the VAT rate or similar tax in your country or relates to the import tax. As we are the exporter, we are not liable and cannot pay this tax, it has to be paid by the customer if relevant. Usually, your country's Customs and Excise or similar body that controls imports will send you an invoice to pay when you import a product from another country. You pay this invoice and the product is released from customs.

The rate varies from country to country and is typically between 5% and 20%, depending on your country and their trade agreement with the UK.



All of our international shipments are sent by Royal Mail International Tracked, this means that we can track the parcel as it progresses through the UK network and into your country. This system tracks the parcel until it exits the UK, for many countries, but not all, the tracking continues with Royal Mail up to the point of delivery. For some countries, the tracking diverts to your own national postal service and it is then tracked all the way to delivery.


Delivery Times:

We cannot guarantee delivery times as they vary, for example, delivery times are typically longer in the run up to Christmas. This is also dependant on how quickly you pay the import duty at your end. Typically, orders to the EU arrive within 2 weeks but this is not guaranteed. Orders to Australia, New Zealand and the USA can vary, depending on how long your countires customs takes to process your order.



We are happy to help and can advise you on the delivery schedule. However, we cannot guarantee a delivery date for international deliveries and they can take a while and we cannot guarantee the exact amount of customs duty that will be required.Please allow plenty of time for your order to arrive, international order deliveries can vary in times even to the same country! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, we are more than happy to help.