Guilty Bangle Pre-Order Jewellery

I am really sorry that the item of jewellery that you like is currently out of stock, I would love to help you to get the piece of jewellery you would like from Guilty or I am more than happy to recommend an alternative.


How Can I Pre-order?

Please just send me an email using the email address below, click on the link and you should be able to email straight away? Please let me know what piece of jewellery you are interested in and what size you require.

I can then provide you with an expected delivery date for the piece of jewellery that you require. As many of our pieces are hand made in the UK, our silversmith can make our exclusive range of bangles for custom orders. These bangles are all handmade and are all assayed in the UK which is a time consuming process and typically takes around 3 weeks. In some cases where a piece is out of stock, this may well have been ordered and the delivery time will be much shorter.

For pieces outside of the exclusive range, we are generally able to deliver in much shorter periods, often within 5 working days.

I can try to help you with an alternative style if you require, I am more than happy to provide advice and there is no hard sell, I am just here to help you find the perfect piece. If you can email me the piece that you are looking for that is out of stock, I can help you with my thoughts on alternatives that are suitable for your purchase.

If you do decide to pre-order a piece of jewellery from Guilty, we will need to take payment for that piece of jewellery when you confirm you would like to pre-order it. You will be sent an email confirming your order and an email from Guilty confirming the expected delivery time of your jewellery.


pre-order jewellery with Guilty


Why is the Item Out of Stock?

Guilty is a niche on-line retailer, we have a select stock, primarily of bangles that are genuinely handmade. Our bangles are all handmade to our orders and sometimes we do get high demand from customers that are looking for specific pieces and styles in a specific size. Unlike many retailers that sell generic, mass produced products made in factories on the other side of the world, our exclusive range is genuinely handmade to exceptional quality standards. All are polished and cleaned down to provide you with a piece that is fully inspected, hallmarked and genuine. This process takes time and if one of our pieces is popular, from time to time, we can run out of stock.

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