How To Find The Correct Bangle Size For Your Wrist


Our size guide for our Guilty silver bangles is designed to try and help you find the best fitting Guilty bangle for you.  All of our bangles are measured by their internal diameter, which means we simply use a ruler and place it across the centre of the bangle and take the internal measurement in mm. You can view our Youtube video below, for a more in depth explanation of how to correctly measure the bangle size for your wrist.



You will find the inernal diameter of our bangles in the bangle description or in the specifications tab that can be found underneath the description.

We recommend if you have a bangle at home that fits you well, measure its internal diameter and this is your guide as to which size bangle you need. As a guide, the internal measurements for the different sizes of bangles are as follows.:

Extra small internal diameter is 57mm
Small internal diameter is 60mm
Standard size internal diameter is 63mm
Large internal diameter is 67mm
Extra Large internal diameter is 71mm


sizing a bangle internal diameter


We at Guilty Bangles have a stunning range of exclusive bangles hand made in the UK by our brilliant silversmith and in this range we are able to offer most of these bangles in extra small, small, regular, large and extra large wrist size.



We recognise that women need not only a variety of fabulous sterling silver bangles to choose from, but also to have a bangle that fits well and is comfortable without compromising on quality.

We always try to give you the measurements of our bangles on the bangle description or on the specifications tab, however if you can't find the measurement of a specific bangle, please contact us and we can give you the measurements.

If you need more help to find the correct size bangle for you or you are looking to buy a bangle as a present for a friend or loved one and need advice, please do not hesitate to call me. I'm more than happy to discuss ways to find the right sized bangle for you but even if you order a bangle from Guilty and the size is incorrect, you will get a full refund in lines with our terms and conidtions relating to refunds.