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Guilty small and extra small size solid silver bangles

Guilty large and extra large size sterling silver bangles

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Ava small wrist bangle

Ava Small Wrist Bangle

Impressive, heavy weight solid silver bangle in a small wrist size, handmade in the UK, hallmarked 925 sterling silver.

Elsa engraved personalised brushed exterior silver bangle from Guilty

Elsa Frosted Bangle

A lovely frosted, solid silver bangle which has been handmade in the UK, we can engrave on the interior of the Elsa.

phoenix personalised solid silver bangle

Phoenix Round Bangle

The stunning Phoenix is a very popular bangle and has a flat interior where we can engrave a message of your choice.

Ava heavy weight silver bangle

Ava Heavy Ladies Bangle

A lovely, chunky heavy weight bangle which can be personalised with a engraving on the interior, handmade in the UK.

Isla chunky ladies 925 solid silver bangle

Isla Chunky Silver Bangle

The Isla is a bangle perfect for engraving your personal message on the interior or exterior of this gorgeous solid silver bangle.

Mya engraved bangle

Mya Oval Section Bangle

The beautiful curvy Mya bangle, suitable for engraving. Exclusive to Guilty Bangles and handmade in the UK.

Arianna solid weighty silver bangle

Arianna Chunky Silver Bangle

Fabulous solid, chunky bangle which has been handmade in the UK, a perfect bangle for engraving a personal message.

Darla engraved silver bangle bracelet

Darla Silver Bangle

Solid 925 sterling silver bangle, perfect for engraving a special message on the exterior. Handmade in the UK!

Anna engraved bangle, chunky solid sterling silver with polished interior

Anna Solid Silver Bangle - Personalised

Beautiful solid silver bangle handmade in the UK. The Anna can be engraved on the interior or exterior.

Edie personalised hammered bracelet in s925 sterling silver with optional free engraving on the inside, hand made in the UK

Edie Hammered Solid Bangle

A gorgeous hammered bangle that is suitable for engraving a special message on the interior of this pretty bangle.

kelly hammered silver bangle hamd made in the UK in solid 925 sterling silver for women

Kelly Hand Hammered Wide Bangle

A hammered, heavy weight, chunky solid silver bangle which can be engraved with a special message or date on the interior, beautiful!

Arianna large and heavy chunky bangle in 925 sterling silver

Arianna Large Chunky Silver Bangle

Wonderful, chunky solid sterling silver bangle which can be engraved on the flat inside making a beautiful, unique gift.

Phoenix bangle for large wrists for women with flat interior

Phoenix Large Solid Silver Bangle

A beautiful, elegant and timeless solid 925 sterling silver bangle, perfect for engraving a personal message.

Anna extra large size bangle

Anna Extra Large Bangle - Engraved

A rectangle cross section bangle which can have your personalised message engraved on the interior or exterior.

Elsa extra large silver bangle with name engrave

Elsa Extra Large Frosted Bangle

The Elsa Large is perfect for engraving a message of your choice on the interior of this solid silver bangle, stunning!

Edie hand hammered solid silver bangle for women with extra large wrist sizes wanting an extra large bangle

Edie Extra Large Hammered Bangle

Amazing, solid hammered sterling silver bangle handmade in the UK!

Best seller Anna bangle, perfect for interior or exterior engraving

Anna Large Solid Silver Bangle - Personalised

Gorgeous rectangular cross section bangle, solid silver and exclusive to Guilty, perfect for engraving a personal message.

Isla large solid silver bangle high quality and perfect for engraving

Isla Large Chunky Silver Bangle

The popular Isla Large bangle is solid, chunky and beautiful, suitable for large sized wrists and engraving.


Can You Engrave a Silver Bangle?

Add your own personal message to any of the engraveable silver bangles that can be personalised collection, you can engrave a message on the interior or exterior of the bangle, subject to design, to create a custom gift that has meaning. All bangles that are made in solid 925 sterling silver can be engraved if they have a flat surface.

Can you engrave the inside of a bangle?

You can engrave on the inside or the outside of a bangle provided it has a flat surface. The bangle has to be solid sterling silver and not hollow so cheap or inferior bangles are not suitable as the metal is either thin or hollow. Bangles are either engraved by a specialist cad machine or by hand engraving. Hand engraving provides a deeper engraving but is more expensive and less accurate. CAD engraving is more accurate and can be done free of charge.

Guilty are pleased to announce a new collection of personalised sterling silver bangles that can be engraved and a new engraving service for our bangles in the collection. All of the bangles in the engraving category have be chosen for their suitability for engraving. These bangles are all solid and in 925 sterling silver, this means that the engraving can be deep without impacting the quality of the jewellery. As engraving is a new service, the collection within the engraveable bangles collection will be continuously growing with bangles that we feel are suitable and offer a high quality product with engraving that will last.

Free Engraving for Bangles

The Guilty engraved bangles service includes a choice of fonts up to a maximum length of characters determined by the size of the individual bangle. Engraving is possible on both flat, round and oval surfaces although flat surfaces are the best and on some bangles we will only offer engraving on the flat surface. All of our bangles are hallmarked 925 sterling silver, depending on the position of the hallmark, we will endeavour to engrave around the hallmark to preserve the value of the bangle, thus there might be a small space around the hallmark.

Get free delivery with all of the bangles suitable for engraving here and they are packaged in a silk lined bangle box, click here for more information on our free bangle engraving service.

All Engraving on silver bangles is Free of Charge

As our engraving service personalises the piece of jewellery to your wording, this would be bespoke for you and as a result, we are not able to offer a refund on our engraved bangles so please double check the wording as we will copy the wording directly from your order.

What are the Benefits of Personalised Bangles?

Some of the benefits of personalising a solid silver bangle as a gift are provided below.

  • Personalise your gift with a meaningful message to make a great present
  • Four great fonts to choose from allows you to choose your gift message style
  • An engraved bangle offers a timeless keepsake
  • Engrave a message up to 50 characters long
  • All engraving is carried out on solid silver bangles that are hallmarked in the UK.
  • All personlised bangles are hand made in the UK

We are pleased to offer our customers a free engraving service on our engraveable 925 sterling silver bangles. A special message of your choice engraved on a bangle will add that extra special touch and make the bangle even more meaningful. If you can’t think of a special message to engrave on your bangle, we can engrave a special date or name to the bangle creating a special piece of jewellery.

How Do You Buy and Engraved Bangle?

To engrave on a sterling silver bangle with Guilty Bangles is easy, firstly you need to select a bangle on our website that is suitable for engraving.  If you then click on that bangle, you can view the full description of the silver bangle and then click on the box ‘engrave this item’. You can then select the position of where you would like the engraving on the bangle, either the interior or exterior.

Not all bangles are suitable for an exterior engraving, so if this option isn’t available to you, it is because that particular bangle can only be engraved on the interior. You can then select the type of font you would like your engraving in. We have given you an idea of how each font looks, but this is not an exact representation.

Finally you need to write your message you would like engraved on your 925 sterling silver bangle. Please note we will not be able to offer you a refund or an exchange the moment you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the engraving. As you can appreciate the moment your bangle has been personalised we would be unable to re-sell that bangle with your message engraved on it.

What is the Advice for Ordering Engraved Bangles?

We always advise our customers, if they are unsure of the bangle size the person you are buying for is, do not engrave until they have tried the bangle on. We are always happy for you to send the bangle back to us when you have checked the bangle fits and then we can engrave a message or date of your choice on the bangle.