Guilty bangles have been selling high quality sterling silver bangles since 2012 and during the last ten years, our online selection has evolved with changing styles and designs. Many of our customers ask for guidance in selecting the perfect bangle so we thought it would be a good idea to present our top ten best selling ladies silver bangles.  All of our bangles are assayed in the UK, this guarantees that they are 925 sterling silver. Our exclusive range are all hand made in the UK and made of solid 925 sterling silver. All bangles come with free shipping in the UK and the Republic of Ireland with quality packaging and our engraving service is free of charge!  We hope that you find our best selling ladies silver bangles guide helpful and honest, if you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you!.

Jo x


1: Anna

Anna bangle in solid silver perfect for engraving

The Anna is our best selling engravable bangle, it has a flat interior and a flat exterior making it the perfect bangle if you are looking to utilise our free engraving service. As an exclusive bangle from Guilty, it is hand made from solid 925 sterling silver and is available in extra small, small, regular, large and extra large sizes.

Our customers love the Anna because it is a classic design with a rectangular cross section and the engraving message can be clearly seen against the highly polished sterling silver finish! The edges are sharp and you can feel the quality with a solid feel and strong weight, the Anna is always our best selling bangle that is perfect for engraving.


2: Isabeau

Isabeau classic round ladies bangle best seller

The Isabeau silver bangle is the classic round cross section bangle, it is probably the bangle that is the most timeless and a favourite with our female clients because it is stylish and simplistic. The Isabeau is available in all five size ranges and is made from solid 925 sterling silver and hallmarked on the interior, hand made in the UK.

This is the classic round ladies bangle that many women prefer to have on their wrists. The highly polished finished makes it really stand out on your wrist and this is probably the best bangle if you are looking for an everyday wear silver bangle, there are no edges so it is really comfortable to wear and the type of bangle that you can leave on your wrist all day long.


3: Payton

Payton five twist solid silver bangle hand made in the UK for Guilty, best seller

The Payton bangle is new to our range and is currently available in the standard size, large and extra large size. The Payton has been an instant hit since being launched this year as the design is unique and it is comfortable to wear. Our customers love the Payton bangle because it is great for an every day bangle but also is a tasteful and elegant statement piece.

The Payton ladies bangle is part of our exclusive range of bangles that are hand made in the UK and assayed in the UK. It features five twists around the bangles and has a highly polished finish so it really does stand out on your wrist. This bangle has been extremely popular since it was launched with out customers loving the elegant design, stylish and feminine and with the highest quality workmanship in making this beautiful bangle that looks gorgeous on.


4: Wide Hammered Silver Torq

Top ten best selling wide hammered silver torq bangle from Guilty

The wide hammered silver torq bangle is our best selling torq and cuff bangle of all time, in fact it is probably our best selling bangle over the years. This top ten bangle is ideal if you are looking for a chunky style cuff bangle that really stands out with the hand hammered finish reflecting light in all directions.

The wide hammered torq really is a statement bangle, perfect if you want to dress up and have a piece of jewellery that really stands out. The wide hammered bangle complements an evening dress beautifully and the finish has that wow factor that ladies look for in a piece of jewellery that you really want to show off. It is also great value for money, finished off in highly polished sterling silver that adds a touch of glamour to any outfit.


5: Edie

Edie hand hammered solid silver bangle made in the UK and exclusive to Guilty

The Edie bangle is a classic solid silver hand hammered bangle with the exterior having the hand hammered finish and the interior having a smooth finish so that it can be engraved on the inside. The result is a beautiful bangle that is popular as a special present and popular with ladies looking for a stylish bangle with a hand hammered finish that really stands out.

The Edie bangle is available in all five sizes from extra small to extra large and each bangle is individually made in the UK with a delicate hand hammered finish. This is a solid silver bangle with a nice smooth inside finish so it can be worn as day wear jewellery as well as a classic bangle for a big event and comes at a great price point for a bangle that is solid and is hand made in the UK.


6: Meredith

Meredith five strand ladies silver cuff best selling bangle

The Meredith bangle is our best selling ribbon cuff bangle and features two wires and 3 flat ribbons that form this cuff. The Meredith is highly sought after by our customers as it is a classically styled open cuff bangle that is easy to slip on and off the wrist. This style is very fashionable at the moment and is purchased by women of all ages.

The Meredith is one of our favourite choices as a gift as it is very versatile and would fit most wrist sizes. This is perfect for day wear and for an event, very feminine and would suit a variety of occasions and fits in well with any style of dress.


7: Trixie

Trixie single twist bangle for women, a best seller in the UK

The Guilty Trixie Bangle is one of our mainstay bangles and one of the oldest designs in our exclusive collection, a perfect piece of jewellery if you are looking for a timeless and interesting piece of jewellery that is available across all five size ranges. This simple bangle features a single twist in an oval cross section and is solid sterling silver.  As the Trixie bangle is in our exclusive range, it is hand made in the UK and is made from solid sterling silver.

The Trixie bangle is a great gift idea as the design is faultless and will never go out of fashion. The Trixie bangle is definitely one of our top ten best-selling ladies bangles and always has been, it is the perfect choice for a gift and suits women of all ages, young and old and sits beautifully along side other bangles on your wrist.


8: Phoenix

Phoenix bangle, prefect for personalisation with free engraving

The Phoenix bangle has a flat smooth interior and a rounded semi-circle exterior cross section, this makes it a great bangle if you are looking to engrave a personalised message on the interior of a bangle.  The flat interior means that the engraving will really stand out and it sits well on a wrist. The smooth and rounded exterior provides a soft balance of light reflection from the highly polished finish.

The Phoenix bangle is perfect for a present, as the majority of engravings are on the interior of a bangle, it makes a great bangle for a present and you can have free engraving. This is made from solid sterling silver, the Phoenix is hand made in the UK and is available in sizes from small to extra-large wrist sizes.


9: Alexa

Alexa ladies silver torque from Guilty, most wanted bangle for women

Beautifully made and a simple design makes the Alexa one of our best selling torque bangles. The Alexa has an open gap that allows it to slip on and off the wrist and is available in standard and small wrist sizes. The Alexa is different in style to many torque bangles as it has a simple flat exterior and smooth, rounded interior and this makes it a very comfortable torq bangle to wear.

The Alexa bangle has been a best seller in our silver bangles range for many years now. This bangle has the prefect combination of being a torque style that some women prefer to wear with a smooth inside so it is comfortable and great if you are looking for a bangle that is easy to put on, take off and wear all day.


10: Triple Russian Bangle

Top seller triple russian bangle from Guiltys best bangle collection

The Triple Russian bangle is one of our top selling Russian style bangles and features three interlinked bangles with flat insides and smooth rounded outsides. This bangle is perfect if you love to wear groups of bangles together and is a great fashion statement and a real party piece.

Lots of ladies love to mix and have several bangles on their wrists at one time and the Triple Russian is a perfect bangle for your collection.  The feel of having several bangles on at one time is something a lot of ladies love and the Triple Russian is one of out top bangles if you love having several interlinked bangles on your wrist at the same time.