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One of the largest online collections in the UK of ladies bangles in 925 sterling silver from Guilty Bangles, the independent specialist online bangle shop with an Exclusive range of solid silver bangles that are handmade and hallmarked in the UK. From the best selling plain round and chunky silver bangles, to our superb cuffs, torques, view our silver bangle styles here.

Our sterling silver bangle range comes with free delivery for the UK and Ireland and all bangles come with a free silk lined and padded jewellery box that is designed specifically for bangles.

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Guilty small and extra small size solid silver bangles

Guilty large and extra large size sterling silver bangles

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Isabeau solid silver bangle

Isabeau Solid Silver Bangle

The Isabeau has become one of our best selling bangles. Solid, hallmarked 925 sterling silver, handmade in the UK, gorgeous!

Was £149.99

Now £139.99

Ladies Silver Torque Bangle

Ladies Silver Torque Bangle

This Sterling Silver Torque Bangle is one of our best selling ladies bangles, a favourite!

Was £74.99

Now £62.99

Bruna cuff bangle

Bruna Narrow Wavy Cuff Bangle

A fairly new addition to our collection. The Bruna is an open cuff bangle with a great design, it looks fabulous on!

Chunky Silver torque cuff

Chunky Solid Silver Torque

A stunning chunky 925 sterling silver torque it looks fabulous on and is a popular piece of jewellery.

Was £119.99

Now £97.99

Orla oval shaped bangle

Orla Oval Bangle

A great oval shaped bangle, slips over the wrist and looks amazing on!

Sapphire silver torque

Sapphire Solid Flat Torque

A very lovely solid, wavy sterling silver torque bangle. This bangle looks magnificent on and is the perfect accessory.

Was £119.99

Now £98.99

Phoenix Solid Silver Bangle

Phoenix Solid Silver Bangle

A beautiful, stylish solid 925 sterling silver bangle with a round exterior and a flat interior, suitable for internal engraving.

Venus solid silver bangle

Venus Solid Duo Bangle

A modern, solid sterling silver duo bangle, more suited to ladies who require a slightly larger bangle size.

Was £189.99

Now £169.99

Wide Hammered Silver Torque bangle

Wide Hammered Silver Torq

Definitely one of our best selling cuff bangles. The stunning wide hammered torq, elegant and chic.

Was £129.99

Now £109.99

Malia Oval Section Bangle

Malia Oval Section Bangle

Gorgeous, elegant 925 sterling silver oval section bangle which looks amazing on!

Plain Silver Slave Bangle from Guilty

Plain Silver Slave Bangle

A fabulous and sophisticated Plain Silver Slave Bangle which is simply gorgeous.

Crossover Torque Silver Bangle

Crossover Torque

A contemporary twist on a torque style bangle, a beautiful crossover torque which will compliment your look.

Alexa sterling silver bangle

Alexa Silver Torq Bangle

Handmade in the UK, the Alexa is a chic, stylish solid silver bangle. A truly beautiful torq exclusive to Guilty Bangles.

Triple Russian Flat Slaves

Triple Russian Flat Slaves

A gorgeous Triple Russian Flat Slave bangle based on a traditional design.

Contemporary Square Bangle

Contemporary Square Bangle

Contemporary solid silver square bangle which is very sleek and it looks amazing!

Was £84.99

Now £79.99

Tia solid 925 sterling silver bangle

Tia Twisted Bangle

Solid silver twisted bangle that looks great on! Perfect for women that enjoy a slightly unusual design.

Edie hand hammered solid silver bangle

Edie Hammered Solid Bangle

The Edie is a very pretty bangle that has a hand hammered finish on the exterior of this bangle. Handmade in the UK.

Elsa frosted silver bangle

Elsa Frosted Silver Bangle

A beautiful handmade contemporary frosted bangle in chunky solid silver, super glamorous and can be personalised!


Why Choose Guilty for Your Silver Jewellery?

Guilty Bangles was established in 2012 as a leading supplier of a wide range of hand-picked sterling silver bangles, in a range that is designed to be elegant and exquisite. Our online sterling silver bangle collection is our best-selling range and each piece has been chosen to offer a unique design for a variety of occasions, a perfect meaningful gift or to add to a sophisticated jewellery collection. We have a range of wide fitting silver bangles and chunky silver bangles or narrow and slim fit silver bangles to suit all wrist types. Each sterling silver bangle has been chosen to be comfortable to wear, represent great value for money and reflect the quality ethos that Guilty Bangles have with providing our customers quality solid silver bangles that you can buy online in the UK

The benefits of buying your silver bangle from Guilty are below:

  • Free secured signed for delivery in the UK
  • All bangles are hallmarked in the UK
  • Free Guilty branded silk lined and padded box especially designed for bangles and cuffs.
  • An exclusive range for both ladies and men that are hand made in the UK
  • Free advice from an independent retailer with a sizing guide available online

Guilty Designer Bangle Range

The designs of the Guilty silver bangle range have been chosen to offer flexibility and sophistication so that you can wear our beautiful wide or narrow fit silver bangles as day wear in comfort. The collection is also designed to offer a piece that would stand out in any outfit for an event, from a polo match to a black tie ball, these pieces are designed as contemporary modern, with sophistication, so that they can be worn by ladies of all ages.

The range of designs available has evolved significantly over the years as Guilty Bangles has moved towards the quality end of the market, with a range of exclusive bangles that are handmade in the UK, please visit our handmade silver bangles collection. Our strong relationship with our silversmiths has allowed us to develop best selling, high quality, solid silver bangles that reflect the aspirations of our customers. We have classic and simple designs that are always best sellers including our wide cuffs and solid round silver bangles.

Bangles with a Range of Finishes

For many of our customers, the finish of the bangle is important for the desired look and use. Our sterling silver bangles come in a range of finishes, textures and edging and it is important to consider how and when you will wear your ladies silver bangle. For example, many women prefer the highly polished smooth finish for a silver bangle that you would wear on a day to day basis. Some ladies prefer a completely smooth and perfectly rounded bangle and other prefer the square edged bangle with a plain or a twist finish.

Our exclusive bangle range has some perfect silver bangles for different styles including internal and external d shaped bangles so that you can have a smooth edge or a square edge against your wrist as you prefer.

If you are looking for a modern and contemporary look, you might want to consider our range of hammered silver bangles. They have a young fee and are great for statement pieces. There are alternative finishes such as brushed sterling silver which has a real edgy feel, a very unique silver bangle finish and a great present for a young woman.

Our silver bangle collection appeals to a wide audience, from boyfriends and husbands buying a gift for their loved ones, to orders for bridesmaids and wedding gifts. A large proportion of our orders are for men buying a bangle as a gift and all of our products are delivered in bespoke boxes that are specifically designed for bangles and cuffs. The outside is embossed with our brand name and inside there is a silk lined cushion that is designed so that the bangle sits perfectly inside so that it protects your bracelet bangle for the long term.

Quality Sterling Silver Hallmarked in the UK

All of our sterling silver bangles come with free UK delivery, we always try to ship our orders fast so that you get them quickly and they always go so that they have to be signed for and are covered. If you need an order shipped fast and to arrive within two days, we can do that for you with free delivery, please make a note if it is super urgent and we will try to ship the same day. Our bangle prices are also designed to be competitive, even including the free shipping although for us, quality and service is the overriding factor.

All of our silver bangles are hallmarked in the UK with a growing number available exclusively to us online and are UK manufactured to the highest possible quality standards. Guilty is proud to support silversmiths and suppliers in the UK and source all bangles and packaging from British suppliers with free UK delivery.

Designed to Suit a Range of Wrist Sizes

In 2014 we identified the need to supply our customers not only with a wide range of styles of sterling silver bangles, but that we needed to offer a solid, closed bangle in a variety of different wrist/hand sizes. This led us to firstly introduce a large and smaller than average size bangle. Typically a regular size bangle has an internal diameter of 65mm, this is the size that is the most popular and fits the majority of ladies hands/wrists.

The larger size sterling silver bangles were a hit and we received many lovely emails from customers who were delighted that we catered for ladies with slightly larger wrists/hands. Our large size bangles have an internal diameter of 68mm, even though it is only 3mm larger than the regular size bangle, it really does make a huge difference. Our range of smaller sized bangles were also very popular and they have an internal measurement of 57mm.

After the success of introducing large and small sized solid 925 sterling silver bangles to our collection, we decided to take it a step further and add an extra large and extra small size range of bangles to the collection.  Again we had many customers who were thrilled they could buy a beautifully crafted solid silver bangle that fit them, as they had struggled to find a quality bangle bracelet that fit over their hand. 

Open and Closed Bangles

On many occasions customers and explained they had always wanted a closed sterling silver bangle but just could not find one that fit them and this usually meant they would have to pick a bracelet, as a bracelet doesn’t need to go over the hand. The extra large size bangles have an internal diameter of 71mm again just a few mm increase in size make a significant difference. The extra small bangles were also very popular, not only because they were ideal for petite women or women with small wrists/hands but they were also the perfect size for teenagers.  Our extra small size bangles have an internal diameter of 55mm and make a lovely gift for a 16th birthday.

Leading Jewellery Trends

Guilty Bangles are proud to offer a wide collection of sterling silver bangles to women and men and we continue to spot new jewellery trends and add these styles in to our bangle collection. Our Men’s collection has a lovely selection of solid silver torque bangles which are made to a very high quality and are not too fussy in design. We have made slight design changes to each of the men’s torques just by adjusting the cross section of the torque, such as a natural d cross section to a reverse d and to a round cross section. The end result is a fabulous collection of Men’s bangles which are contemporary, appealing and high end.

We also recognise the importance and need to personalise silver bangles. Personalisation of jewellery is extremely popular and we offer an engraving service which is completely free of charge. Not all styles of silver bangles are suitable for engraving as the bangle bracelet needs to be a closed bangle; so not a cuff or a torque and the bangle needs to be thick enough with a relatively flat surface. Adding a special message or personalisation to a bangle will make the bangle much more meaningful and a lovely addition if it is a gift for someone. Depending on the bangle you have chosen we can engrave on either the inside or the outside of the sterling silver bangle.